Malta hillclimb drivers experience success in Sortino, Sicily

Last weekend, four Maltese hillclimb drivers were in Sicily to compete in the 39th edition of the Coppa Val D’Anapo in Sortino. The drivers were Darren Camilleri, James Dunford, Ivan Deidun, and Noel Galea.

Darren Camilleri, one of the four Maltese hillclimb drivers, finished an impressive 10th out of 180 cars. This is a significant achievement, especially considering he was driving a new racing car with great potential. Camilleri and his fans eagerly anticipate a future filled with further wins by Camilleri.

Fueled by the thrill and excitement of the challenging Sortino road, James Dunford fearlessly manoeuvred his new racing car. He described it as a road that is not only difficult to learn but also extremely challenging and rewarding, a true test of his racing skills.

Noel Galea, another one of the Maltese hillclimb drivers, achieved the best results. Galea ended 1st in class and 1st in group E2SH, setting a new record in E2SH with a time of 3:46:22. This is a remarkable improvement, as he beat his previous records by an impressive 6 seconds.

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