Daniel Montebello first in the Porsche Club GT Festival in Misano

The recent Porsche Club GT Festival, held at the Misano circuit, saw another exceptional performance from Daniel Montebello, who took first place in the competition. This festival brings together Porsche enthusiasts and drivers who competed first on the Misanino karts and then on the main circuit aboard their GT3s.

Daniel Montebello, the spearhead of the Super Lap team, demonstrated mastery at the wheel of his Porsche 992 GT3, dominating the day with excellent times. His victory was not just a personal achievement but a testament to the intense work and dedication of the entire team, who ensured that the car was in tip-top condition.

Success at the Porsche Club GT Festival is a testament to the commitment and passion that Daniel and his team bring to every race. With this victory, they strengthened their position in motorsport and set the stage for future challenges, igniting excitement for their upcoming performances.

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