Jonathan Bilocca and Liliana Abela shine in Premier League of Darts

Jonathan Bilocca and Liliana Abela won the Darts Premier League after an exceptional performance in this competition.

Bilocca defeated Norbert Attard 5-3 in the semi-finals so that in the final he had to meet against Albert Scerri. It was a very intensive final where in the best of 15 legs the score was 9-9 with both players alternating their advantage. Eventually the sudden death had to be played with Bilocca being more accurate than his opponent to emerge victorious.

At the end of the match played at the Birgu Boċċi Club, MDA president Tony Demanuele presented the cup to Jonathan Bilocca.

Results – Premier League of Darts – 28/5/2024


Norbert Attard – Jonathan Bilocca 3-5

Albert Scerri – Kirsten Aquilina 5-4


Jonathan Bilocca – Albert Scerri 10-9

Liliana Abela won the Ladies’ Premier League of Darts when she finished placed first in the standings after a series of positive results. She won four matches although she lost the last one which despite everything did not deprive her of winning the title.

Abela beat Amy Abela 3-1, Margerita Scerri 3-0, Josianne Caruana 3-2, Audrey Gauci 3-0 although she lost to Marconia Borg 3-0.

This was Abela’s second title in a few days as earlier she had also won the Ladies Super Cup.

Meanwhile these were the results of the matches played at the Żejtun Band Club:

Liliana Abela – Amy Abela 3-1

Margherita Scerri – Josianne Caruana 1-3

Liliana Abela – Margerita Scerri 3-0

Amy Abela – Josianne Caruana 0-3

Margerita Scerri – Marconia Borg 0-3

Liliana Abela – Josianne Caruana 3-2

Margerita Scerri – Audrey Gauci 0-3

Marconia Borg – Josianne Caruana 1-3

Amy Abela – Margerita Scerri 3-1

Josianne Gauci – Audrey Gauci 2-3

Liliana Abela – Audrey Gauci 3-0

Amy Abela – Marconia Borg 0-3

Liliana Abela – Marconia Borg 0-3

Amy Abela – Audrey Gauci 0-3

Marconia Borg – Audrey Gauci 1-3

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