Maltese Aquahub swimmers compete at Meeting del Titano, San Marino

Four top swimmers from Aquahub swimming club recently participated in the 21st edition of the Meeting del Titano – a two day swimming competition held in the Republic of San Marino at the end of January.

The four swimmers namely Nirvana Micallef, Beata Xerri de Caro, Vince Farrugia and Rossana Oddi all took part in various events thus kickstarting the year where normally one does not go abroad to compete.

This competition was a window of opportunity also to see awesome athletes from San Marino and north of Italy, it also being Olympics year, to see tough and close races between swimmers who are still vying for a spot in the Paris summer olympics.

Aquahub swimmers could also gauge the average older ages of the top swimmers taking part in this competition thus giving more incentive for our swimmers to push harder through their post secondary school and university years. The team of swimmers were accompanied by the club’s secretary Sue  Mercieca.

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