Maltese Olympic Committee selects final group of Youth Development Scheme Beneficiaries

The Maltese Olympic Committee Technical and Youth Commissions hosted the second session of the presentation of certificates for athletes qualifying for the Development Programme.

The presentation took place at the Maltese Olympic Committee Headquarters, with athletes from Athletics, Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Sailing, Shooting, Table Tennis, and Taekwondo in attendance.

The event coincided with the one-year anniversary of the 2023 Games of the Small States of Europe in Malta. In light of this, various workshops for athletes in Categories D2 to D5 on the Youth Development Scheme were held.

The first item on the agenda an explanation by Ms. Charlene Attard, Director of Sport and Head of the Technical Commission, on how the scheme works. Attard detailed the selection process and the athletes’ progression along the pathway. She emphasized the importance of
both parties adhering to their obligations and the significance of professional services for the athletes’ holistic development.
The athletes were then divided into smaller groups to attend workshops led by accredited professionals in Strength and Conditioning, Psychology and Flow, and Nutrition.

Mr. Luigi Sammut, from the MOC’s Functional Diagnostic Laboratory, explained the importance of tests conducted by the MOC’s laboratory and how to interpret the results. During the session, guidance was provided on how to apply for the aforementioned services.

The role of parents in their child’s athletic development was addressed by Ms. Johanna Grech, Director and Head of Youth, who encouraged them to utilize the available services to support their child’s athletic progression.

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Selected Athletes

Maya Agius, Claire Alamango, ElyaAzzopardi, KristinaAzzopardi, Mark Azzopardi, MatthewAzzopardi, ShanesiaAzzopardi, YuliyaBarbara, Mikhail Bartolo, Chanelle Bezzina, Nicolai Bonello, Nick Bonett, Isaac Bonnici, Jacques Borg, Ella Borg Degiorgio, Jack Borg Pullicino, Mireya Bugeja, MichelaCaruana, Thais Catania, Sophia Curmi, Cheziane Debattista, MichaelDebattista, Alessandro Desira, Kayliegh Anne Ellul, Gabriel Farrugia,
Matthew Fenech, Matthew Galea Soler, Luca Gerada, Sara Giordano Imbroll, Martina Gouder, Andrea Grech, Thea Grech, Rivah Micallef, Thea Parnis Coleiro, Benjamin Salnitro, Jodie Scicluna Montfort, Bianca Shoemake, Thea Shoemake, Kayla Slack, Carey Spiteri, Kay Testa, Emma Vassallo, Livia Vella Anastasi, Carl Zammit Bondin, Julian Zarb

Artistic Gymnastics
Philippa Busuttil, Sophie St John, Janet Galea, Julia Galea, Riley Goodenough, Lyana Curmi Inguanez, Sarah Marie Attard, Faith Anouk Cassar, Krysta Vella

Rhythmic Gymnastics
Lauren Agius, Chezonelle Georgette Azzopardi, Alyona Draguzya, Mariia Prudnikova, Therese Amélie Vassallo

Shaun Aquilina, Samantha Axisa, Isaac Azzopardi, Julia Borg, Liam Andrew Cutajar, Timothy De Cesare, Ella Demicoli, Corey Joyce, Jonas Micallef, Katrina Micallef, Sebastian Miceli Demajo, Nathan Montebello, Aleksandra Nagrudnaia, Matthias Spiteri, Benjamin Vassallo, Timmy Vassallo

Matthias Azzopardi, Ryan Bugeja, Mariah Busuttil, Andre Cassar, Luke Cassar, Aidan Jo Desira, Liam Sciberras, Nico Sciberras

Table Tennis
Julia Bonnici, Julian Cassar, Anthea Cutajar, Luke Fenech, Neil Incorvaja, Rachel Mifsud, Luke Montebello, Conrad Pulim Oliver Rarring Thorne, Sebastian Farring Thorne, Danny Scicluna, Matthew Zammit

Alycia Cassar, Luke Chircop, Nathan Degiorgio, Fergeson Galea, Michela Scerri, Jean Schembri, Robin Zammit

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