Toto Wolff's surprising update on Mercedes' attempt to sign Max Verstappen

Toto Wolff, acknowledged that his team is not currently engaged in discussions with Max Verstappen about the possibility of him joining the Silver Arrows.

The Austrian team has openly expressed their intentions of attracting Verstappen to join their ranks. With Lewis Hamilton leaving Mercedes at the end of the current season, it appears that the dominant force in F1 would make a perfect successor to the departing seven-time champion.

At the onset of the season, there were uncertainties about Verstappen’s position at Red Bull amidst a civil war within the team. This provided an opening for Wolff to publicly express his admiration for the 26-year-old. However, Verstappen appears to be satisfied with his current team for the time being.

In light of that circumstance, Wolff addressed inquiries regarding his attraction towards Verstappen at the Spanish Grand Prix by stating to journalists: “There are currently no discussions occurring as we believe it is important to focus on ourselves and enhancing the performance of our vehicle.”

In my opinion, it is crucial for us to constantly strive for progress and self-reflection. Working together as a cohesive unit with our talented drivers, Lewis and George, is paramount. Our ultimate goal is to solidify our position on the podium and eventually achieve victory independently. It is a known fact that exceptional drivers are attracted to teams with top-notch cars.

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As it is highly improbable that Verstappen will make a surprising switch, Mercedes is considering turning to the promising youngster Andrea Kimi Antonelli to take Hamilton’s place. The Italian teen will reach the age of 18 in August and is seen by the Mercedes executives as the upcoming talent to watch out for.

There have been recent claims in Germany that the Silver Arrows have already made a decision to have Antonelli as their racing partner alongside George Russell next year. However, Wolff has refuted these reports and clarified that no final decision has been made yet. He stated, “We have not yet made a decision on the driver – our goal is to delay this decision for as long as possible, as we never know what the future holds.”

In the meantime, Hamilton maintains that he does not have any remorse for his initial choice to leave Mercedes and join Ferrari. The Italians have appeared to be in a stronger position to challenge Red Bull in recent years, but in Barcelona they finished behind both Hamilton and Russell.

While it is undeniable that the Silver Arrows have made significant strides, the 39-year-old remains optimistic about the future of Maranello. He expresses his love for Mercedes, a team he has been a part of since the age of 13, and declares his unwavering support for them. Regardless of the direction the team takes next year, he is proud to have contributed to their journey and looks forward to being a part of their continued success.

My role in the upcoming year will involve joining the opposing team, who have been performing exceptionally well. Despite facing challenges in their past races, it should not be overlooked that they achieved a victory in Monaco. I am unsure of the issues plaguing their car and resulting in their current position. However, it does not make me doubt my decision in any way.

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