"Niki Lauda would have altered Hamilton's Ferrari move"

The Formula 1 community paused to commemorate what would have been Niki Lauda’s 75th birthday, reflecting on the impact of the legendary figure in the sport.

Amidst the tributes, speculation arose about Lauda’s potential role in preventing Lewis Hamilton from joining Ferrari.

According to fellow F1 icon Gerhard Berger, Lauda’s absence since his passing in 2019 has been keenly felt at Mercedes. Berger suggested that Lauda, known for his strong will and influence, would have intervened to prevent Hamilton from leaving Mercedes for Ferrari.

“Niki would have done everything to ensure that Lewis Hamilton didn’t go to Ferrari,” Berger remarked to Auto Bild. “That would have freaked him out – and he might have prevented it.”

Another close friend of Lauda, Dr. Helmut Marko, shared sentiments of missing the iconic racer. Despite their competitive rivalry, Marko cherished their camaraderie and recalled Lauda’s straightforward yet generous nature.

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“Niki was my constant companion throughout my entire career,” Marko reflected to Sport1. “He always liked to play the egoist and he was only too happy to cultivate the image of the hard businessman. But deep down he was a good, generous person.”

Marko highlighted Lauda’s irreplaceable charisma, humor, and candidness, emphasizing the void left by his absence. “There is no one in the entire Formula 1 world who could hold a candle to Niki in terms of personality, humor, and straightforwardness,” Marko expressed.

As Formula 1 commemorates Lauda’s legacy, discussions about his influence and potential impact on Hamilton’s career decisions continue to captivate the paddock.

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