NEW VICTORY FOR VERSTAPPEN: 12th win a row for Red Bull

Max Verstappen achieved a new victory in the Formula 1 championship, finishing the race ahead of McLaren’s Lando Norris and the second driver of the Red Bull team, Sergio Perez.

With this triumph, Verstappen reached his seventh consecutive title, and at the same time broke the record on behalf of his team with twelve consecutive victories, which had been held by McLaren for decades.

The winner of the pole position ahead of the race for the Hungarian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton, hoped to turn his 104th pole into his 104th victory, but that did not happen, as Verstappen, Piastre and Norris literally passed him at the very beginning of the race, and Sergio Perez soon after them. During the race, Hamilton repeatedly criticized the performance of the Mercedes car and even questioned the team’s engine shutdown, which Wolff immediately denied. In the end, due to a mistake by Piastrija, he managed to get to the fourth position.

Charles Leclerc arrived at the old finish line as the sixth driver, but due to a penalty for speeding through the pit lane, he ended up under the second Mercedes driver George Russell in the seventh position, while his teammate Carlos Sainz finished the race in the eighth place.

The drivers of the Aston Martin team rounded out the top ten drivers at the Hungaoring. Fernando Alonso crossed the finish line in ninth, and Lance Stroll in tenth.

The runner who attracted the most attention with his return, Daniel Ricciardo, managed to channel most of the problems existing on Alfa Tauri’s car and took a solid 13th place.

Another interesting detail from today’s race is that Lando Norris knocked over Max Verstappen’s ceramic cup when opening the champagne on the podium, which broke on that occasion. It was not the first time that trophies were damaged during the drivers’ celebration on the podium. We remember that the first trophy that Red Bull ever won in China was broken, albeit in a different way. Or the moment that happened in Hungary in 2015, when Ricardo’s trophy fell out of his hand during his statement and damaged himself.

All that remains in the books of interesting history, like all the records that Max Verstappen broke, but also those that are yet to follow, since the next race, the last in the first half of the season, is scheduled for next weekend in Belgium.

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