Hamilton: I will be honored

Lewis Hamilton, seven-time Formula 1 world champion and Mercedes driver, after being offered to become an honorary citizen of Brazil, said he was honored by the gesture.

Hamilton often emphasizes how much he loves that country, primarily because his idol, the legendary Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna, comes from, and he won his first championship title in that country in 2008.

The bill that would make him an honorary citizen was submitted by Congressman Andre Figueiredo after the British driver won last year’s race in Brazil, where he carried the Brazilian flag, and fans shouted his name and the name of the legendary Senna.

MP Ciro Gomes also liked this proposal, so on that occasion, he announced himself on the social network.

“With honorary citizenship, you will be closer to us,” Gomes said on Twitter.

Hamilton replied:

I will be honored. I want to spend more time in Brazil. It’s such a beautiful culture. I’ve only been to Rio and Sao Paulo, but I want to come back for Christmas or New Year. “Neymar, as well as surfer Gabriel Medina, invite me every year, but I have never had the opportunity,” said the Briton.

He then joked, “I’m waiting for my Brazilian passport.”

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