XAVI IS VERY ANGRY: This is a shame, the hand of Gavi is made up (VIDEO)

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez, after the goalless draw against Getafe, was furious with the main referee of the match, Sesaro Soto Grado.

The match of the first round of LaLiga between Getafe and Barcelona in the suburbs of Madrid ended in a goalless draw.

In the 70th minute of the match, Xavi earned a red card for complaining to the referee of the match against Soto Grado.

Before him, Raphina on one side and Jaime Mata on the other side received a red card, and in addition, even 10 yellow cards were seen.

“If this is a product of LaLiga, then it is an absolute shame. I understand why people don’t watch our football. I was sent off because I told the referee that he wasn’t punishing Getafe players enough for many fouls. We had a meeting with the referees and the first change they said was that they would be more understanding of the coaches and the tension we feel on the field. That didn’t happen.” said Xavi.

Barcelona forced a penalty in the 101st minute, but the referee, after looking at the VAR technology, overturned his decision due to an earlier handball by Gavi.

“Gavi’s hand is a fabrication. They said at the meeting that they would only play with clean hands, and that is definitely not Gavi’s.” Hernandez added.

Barcelona did not manage to score a goal for the fourth game in a row against Getafe.

“This match is in the past. In the first half, we did not play well, we tried a lot against a defensive opponent. The point is not good enough considering that we were much better in the second half.” the Barcelona coach concluded.

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