IT'S NOT EVERYTHING ABOUT LUXURY: Vidal delighted everyone with his "new" car! (VIDEO)

Inter’s midfielder Arturo Vidal surprised the football world with his modesty.

It is known that football players like to enjoy luxury and comfort thanks to the enormous contracts that they signed.

But it is obvious that some footballers have different priorities.

We’re used to seeing that the biggest stars like to come to training with the best cars in the world, but Arturo obviously doesn’t have that need.

The Inter first-team player has played for many big clubs, won numerous trophies, and earned a lot of money, but luxury driving is not in the foreground.

Arturo Vidal came with “Fiat Panda” on training.

This move of the Chilean was followed by the Italian public, but obviously, he should work on his parking skills a lot …

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