Verratti's Move to Qatar: A Farewell to PSG

When Paris Saint-Germain acquired the young and promising Marco Verratti from Pescara 11 years ago, they could hardly have imagined that he would become an icon of an era and a true legend of the club.

Today, the legend bids adieu to Paris as he embarks on a new journey in Qatar.

What had been rumored for weeks has finally materialized. Verratti has worked out the final details and is set to become the new midfield maestro for Qatar’s Al Arabi.

Given that both PSG and Al Arabi are under the ownership of the Qatari state, this transfer was orchestrated for a substantial sum, partly to help PSG balance their books.

The fee PSG is receiving is a staggering four times more than the amount they invested 11 years ago when they signed Verratti from Pescara for 12,000,000 euros. In this transfer, PSG stands to collect a whopping 45,000,000 euros, with an additional 5,000,000 euros in potential bonuses.

These bonus conditions appear to be easily attainable, leaving little doubt that PSG will eventually see that extra 5,000,000 euros in their coffers, sooner or later.

With the arrival of the new coach, Luis Enrique, there was no longer a place for Verratti in the PSG squad. The midfielder accepted this decision and began his quest for a new club, ultimately finding his destination in Qatar, where he is expected to sign a career-defining contract.

It’s worth noting that Verratti leaves PSG as a true record-holder. During his time with the club, which included nine French League titles, nine French Super Cups, six French Cups, and six French League Cups, he played a total of 416 games. Verratti holds the distinction of being the player with the most titles not only in the history of Paris Saint-Germain but also in the history of French league football itself.

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