UNITED'S FAN ARRESTED: The message on the jersey appalled everyone

On the shirt of the Manchester United fan, with which he started at Wembley, there was an inscription that horrified the football public on the island.

On the shirt of Manchester United, in which he went to the Cup final, ’97 not enough’ was printed in the translation of ’97 is not enough’.

Exactly the same number of fans of the rival club Liverpool died in 1989 in the tragedy at Hillsborough, in Sheffield.

The police, based on reports and photos on social networks, quickly arrested this young man and detained him.

“He was arrested for disturbing public order and peace,” the London Police Department announced.

One thing is certain, there were no indifferent people. Several famous personalities, former football players, who had something to condemn came forward.

“I’m trying to understand how someone can buy a jersey and then print this on it and go to the game.” Who printed this?’ asks former Liverpool player Stan Collymore.

There are many others who have expressed their dismay at the actions of this “red devils” fan via social networks.

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