UNITED IS BURSTING AT THE SEAMS: Ole held an emergency meeting, and then faced charges!

Manchester United has been in big trouble for the last few weeks, and as time goes on – there seem to be more and more problems.

Ole Gunnar Solskjer’s dismissal has been announced, allegedly before the weekend, but everything is still at a standstill. The British media write that the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson continues to support him and that it is thanks to him that he remained on the United bench, but he is far from a peaceful zone.

Namely, the respected “Times” writes that Solskjer came to the training center on Tuesday first of all, in order to talk to his players, but it did not go well.

As it is stated, captain Harry McGuire was hit in a special way, and allegedly one of the players asked if it was fair that he was handed the captain’s armband after six months at the club.

McGuire arrived in August 2019 as the highest paid defender in the history of the Premier League, and in January of the following year, he received the captain’s armband.

We all know that he did not show himself in the best light, neither as a defender, nor as a captain, but that is not the only problem.

The manager was especially reprimanded for the tactical setup of the match, as well as the fact that despite the defeats, he does not change anything in the team.

Paul Pogba was sent off in the second half, he apologized to his teammates after the match, while he did not address Solskjer at all.

Of course, Pogba’s denial arrived quickly.

– The tabloids want to start a controversy again with 100 percent false news. They make up lies to have headlines. Journalists use my name to be seen even when there is nothing to see. The only reason I react now is to respect my coach, the club and the fans. I want to send them a message that it is better to read things like this less. These people are not ashamed and will say anything without any basis – Pogba wrote on Twitter.

Also, it is written that Cristiano Ronaldo is in conflict with Mason Greenwood. Upon arrival at Old Trafford, the Portuguese plays at the top of the attack, and Greenwood on the wing. Ronaldo expects assists as a point guard, to be served goal balls from the wing, while Greenwood’s style on the wing is similar to the former Ronaldo’s, to finish the action, and not to look for a center forward.

Well, that’s where the problem arose. Greenwood scored four goals in the season, at the start of the season in the first three rounds when Ronaldo was not there and while he was playing at the top. He hasn’t been here since. ESPN writes that the two players are in a big conflict.

So, Ole lost support, Ronaldo is dissatisfied, which means that United is bursting at the seams.

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