THE FUTURE OF THE ARGENTINE IS IN QUESTION: Messi's final decision is awaited

The end of the football season calls into question the future of the Argentine star, Lionel Messi. After the victory over the French in the World Cup final, his stay at Paris Saint-Germain was put into question.

The final decision on which club he will join is getting closer, and those who want him have made serious offers, some of which offer four-year contracts. At the moment, attention is drawn to the club where Messi spent 20 years of his career, Barcelona. Once Messi’s teammate and now the coach of the Catalan club, Xavi Hernandez said that the club is ready to do everything to enable him to return, but that the decision is his alone. It is known that Barca has financial difficulties, so the engagement of Messi from that point of view is almost impossible.

In addition to the already known players, Bekam’s Inter from Miami joined the fight for the Argentine. It is known that this club wants to raise its level, which they would certainly do by bringing Lionel into their ranks. The Americans’ proposal implies a long-term contract with which they guarantee reinforcements that will help the Paris Saint-Germain forward to realize this attractive sports project.

However, there are rumors that behind that contract there is an agreement with the Catalan club by which Barcelona would get the Argentine on loan for 6 to 18 months, which would solve their financial issue. This would also help Messi stay in shape before the 2024 Copa America.

The only possible complication lies in Saudi Al Hilal offering a high salary to Messi to move him to the Middle East. This would lead to the popularization of the Saudi Football League because the long-time rivals, Messi and Ronaldo, would inevitably face each other again on the field.

The soccer world is eagerly awaiting Messi’s final decision, which will be announced after the end of the season this weekend.

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