CHANGES IN ITALY: Serie A introduces the playoffs in the title fight !?

The leaders of the Italian Serie A are considering introducing a playoff in the fight for the championship title from next season.

The idea was presented and discussed at a meeting of clubs of the elite rank of Italian football, and the playoffs would decide the champion in case the two first-placed teams finish the season with the same number of points.

At the moment, there is a rule in force in the Italian championship, which says that in the case of the same number of points won, the title is won by the team that has a better mutual score in duels with the first runner-up.

This season, Milan became the champion, with two points more than their city rival Inter, but the “Rossoneri” would be champions according to the current rule, even if they ended the season with the same number of points because they won and drew with two in this season’s duels with neroazzurro ”.

The introduction of the playoffs was also considered in the case of the fight for survival when the 17th and 18th teams of the league would have an identical number of points at the end of the season.

Only once since the existence of Serie A was decided by the playoffs – it was in 1964 when Bologna won the trophy by defeating Inter with 2: 0.

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