ROY KEANE IN HIS STYLE: They are considered to be good football players, but they are a shame for this club!

Manchester United has been the target of harsh criticism in recent weeks, which is mainly directed at Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, but club legend Roy Keane has something to say to the defenders from “Old Trafford”.

The former captain of Manchester United, in his style, called out the defenders of the “Red Devils”, Harry Maguire and Luke Shaw.

The legendary Irishman, who played over 300 games for United, commented on the defeat by Liverpool (5:0) and did not choose his words.

  • Maguire and Shaw were a disgrace for the club last week. They are considered to be good football players, but if they deserve that status, they should show their character. What Manchester United has always had in its history are players with character and personality. I saw Maguire apologize for the defeat during the week and he was like a robot. I’m tired of that chat after the game and some kind of apology – said Keane.

The legendary Irishman did not really spare the captain, and he pointed out that the defensive part of the team is a key problem.

  • Learn the basics of your football business, and then maybe you will be a leader. People keep saying he may not be in shape. He scored against Leicester a few weeks ago, it has nothing to do with fitness. With him, but also with some other well-known players, the problem is the lack of professionalism, they are not doing their job properly. They have talented players in attack, but the midfield and defense are not doing their job properly.

Keane also expressed his opinion on Bryan Robson’s comment, after the defeat of United.

  • It was a shameful show against Liverpool. I heard Bryan Robson, a great United player and a man full of courage, say that he felt that the players had given up. That is the biggest insult you can inflict on a professional football player – the Irishman concluded.

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