ROONEY GOT ANGRY: They are paid to do their job, and they are not even sad when they lose the game!

You have noticed – not a day goes by without writing about Manchester United, but by all accounts – the devils will be the topic of all European media for a long time to come.

It seemed that the storm had subsided, until the legendary Wayne Rooney, who wore the United jersey for many years, spoke out. That is why he has the right to comment.

  • There are very educated people in the management of Manchester United. I am sure that they will do everything to proceed further, regardless of whether Solskjaer will be there or not – said Rooney.

The legendary striker pointed out that not everything is in the coach and that the players should ask themselves about some things and their games.

  • I think the players should ask themselves and take a look. It’s too easy for a manager to take it all in while they’re paid big money to do their job, and I don’t think they’re doing it well. There is a great responsibility on the players as well. They are world-class players, they play for the national team, and a club like Manchester United is looking for more. It certainly hurts them when they lose the game – Rooney added.

The best scorer in the history of the club pointed out that he knows how difficult it is to play in such a great team.

  • There are huge demands and a lot of pressure in the United. I see too many players who don’t want to come back, who don’t want to play defense, who don’t want to give everything they need. And that is not acceptable. Will you tell me that we should blame the manager for all this? Or are the players the ones who should be blamed? I don’t know – said Rooney.

By the way, Wayne wore the United jersey for almost 13 years, played 559 games in it, and scored as many as 253 goals, winning 13 major trophies.

He was especially “hit” by the game against Liverpool in which United was defeated (5: 0).

  • The only difference is that they work without the ball. In Derby County, my players know that they won’t play if they don’t try hard enough. There is no excuse for not working. That’s the first thing I said to players when I got hired. Whatever United does, let them make sure that they make the right decision. All I know is that you can’t always listen to what people want. I believe United has a plan and will make a decision at the right time. I’m sure of that – Rooney concluded.

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