The referee pointed to the white spot, Ronaldo said that it was not a penalty - in the end he was left without 3 points (VIDEO)

Al Nassr remained winless in the Asian Champions League. The Persepolis team from Iran managed to win a point and draw 0:0 in the fifth round.

But, if Cristiano Ronaldo had not been fair at the beginning of the game – the home team could have easily taken all the spoils.

Namely, in the second minute of the game, the referee pointed to the penalty spot. The visiting players jumped up and headed towards the referee as a sign of protest, and then the Portuguese approached the referee and said that there was no penalty.

He preempted VAR and demonstrated what fair play means. As soon as he fell in the penalty area, Ronaldo gestured to show that he was not fouled and that there was no penalty.

Al Nassr soon ran out of players, Lajami was sent off, but the home team did not concede a goal and it remained 0:0.

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