New parts of the interview that Cristiano Ronaldo gave to journalist Piers Morgan have appeared in the British media, and they concern his situation in Manchester United.

Of his current teammates, he singled out only three footballers.

“Of the United players, I can single out only three of them. Diogo Dalo is very professional, even though he is young and I have no doubt that he will last a long time. He is smart, intelligent and very professional. I can also mention Lisandro Martinez and Casemiro,” said Ronaldo.

The Portuguese footballer then referred to the young players of Manchester United, whom he criticized.

“They don’t respect more experienced and older players, they live in a different era. I have to say that my son, who is 12 years old, does not have such a mentality. Today, young players come to some things much easier, they don’t bother at all, they don’t really care. They pretend to listen, but it goes in one ear and out the other. That doesn’t surprise me, but it’s a real shame for them that when they have the best example in front of them, they don’t even try to follow it,” said Ronaldo.

He also explained who he was referring to. “I am that example. Every morning I am the first to come to training and the last to leave,” Ronaldo said.

The Portuguese returned to Manchester United last year, and has a contract with the “red devils” until the end of the season.


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