The players of Manchester United, as well as coach Erik Ten Hag, did not know about Cristiano Ronaldo’s interview after returning from Fulham (2:1).

As reported by “Sky Sports,” they did not want to comment on Christian’s performance afterwards, but they are extremely disappointed in the club.

According to a large number of British media outlets, the leaders and Ronaldo’s teammates at “Old Tafford” do not understand why he made such statements and believe that he showed disrespect for the club, the coach, and his teammates.

In an extensive interview, Ronaldo stated, among other things, that he does not respect the Dutch expert because he does not respect him either. After he left, United did not improve in any way.

He also pointed out that United are far behind the best teams in the Premier League and that the club has betrayed him. He attacked the legend of “Old Trafford” with Wayne Rooney and Ralf Rangnick, and all that together was condemned by the fans.

The timing of the publication of the interview is such that there is little room for discussion about why now. Ronaldo has thus ended his career in Manchester, and upon his return from the World Cup, he will be looking for a new club.


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