ATLETICO FANS DON'T WANT RONALDO: He is the antithesis of all our values!

Ever since the possibility of Cristiano Ronaldo donning the Atlético de Madrid jersey appeared, the Spanish giant’s fans started increasingly violent protests that culminated today.

Of course, the biggest obstacle for “quilted” fans is the fact that the Portuguese footballer is a legend of the city rival – Real Madrid.

Maybe they would have gotten over it if there hadn’t been a bunch of provocations by the 37-year-old attacker at the expense of Atlético. The most famous is certainly the one when he wore the Juventus jersey pointing to his crotch.

And that’s why, a sharp protest of the fans even on the possibility of Ronaldo donning the red and white jersey.

Ever since the possibility of Cristiano Ronaldo coming to our club appeared, that is, when it became more than speculation, we have expressed clear opposition to a possible transfer. Cristiano Ronaldo represents the antithesis of all Atlético’s values, which are commitment, generosity, simplicity and humility – it is stated, among other things, in the statement of the fans.

Despite the fact that the president of the club, Enrique Cerezo, denied that there is any possibility of bringing Ronaldo, the fans are certainly not giving up.

– No matter how incredible that job was, even if it guaranteed us trophies, we would not want or accept Ronaldo’s transfer to Atlético. Unfortunately, he doesn’t feel the club like we do and he would never get our respect, nor our affection.

Moreover, today at a friendly match, the fans unfurled a banner against the Manchester United footballer to show him that he is not welcome at the Wanda Metropolitano:

Meanwhile, information is coming from England that Ronaldo has officially asked United’s management to be placed on the transfer list.

True, there are still no confirmations from some more relevant sources, but it has been clear for a long time that there is no more love between Ronaldo and United…

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