Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Saudi Arabia, where he will defend the colors of Al Nassr. Considering that he has not yet made his debut for the new club, the media reports that it could happen against Messi and PSG.

Namely, Ronaldo has not yet made his debut due to the transfer of a three-match suspension, which he earned in England after smashing an Everton fan’s mobile phone.

The coach of Al-Nassr, the legendary Rudy Garcia, will be able to count on Ronaldo beginning January 22, when he will play against the Itafiq team.

However, three days before that duel, friendly matches between Al-Nassr, Al-Hilal, and PSG are scheduled, and it is expected that the 37-year-old Portuguese will run out onto the pitch.

“I’m not enthusiastic about that match, because three days later we have a championship match.” “Nevertheless, it is good for the development of football here that the audience will have the opportunity to greet the top players of the team from Paris,” said coach Rudi Garcia.

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