MADNESS IN ARGENTINA: Coach Romero shot during the match! (VIDEO)

Almost apocalyptic scenes were seen in Argentina.

The match of the Argentine Third Football League between Huracan las Heras and Ferrail Carillo Oeste was interrupted in the 79th minute of the match.

Believe it or not, the coach of the visiting team, Mauricio Romero, was shot in the left shoulder, during a fight between the fans in the stands.

Romero was not the target of the attack, and luckily he survived. Also, the club quickly confirmed that the coach is out of danger.

The video shows that there was general chaos after the shooting, both in the stands and on the field.

The players, holding their heads, ran to the locker room, while the audience started to leave the stadium in panic. The match was interrupted when the home team led 3: 1.

Truly amazing scenes on the field in Argentina…

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