ROBERTSON AFTER BRIGHTON: It's hard to accept relegation, we let the fans down again

The captain of the Scottish national team and Liverpool footballer Andrew Robertson was very disappointed by the defeat and elimination from the FA Cup by Brighton.

Brighton celebrated for the second time in two weeks against the club from Anfield.

“It’s really disappointing. I think it was a real cup match, from start to finish, both teams had chances. We were more belligerent than two Sundays ago, but that doesn’t count for much. We weren’t even close to good then, I thought we were a little bit better today. “We had some chances, we were a little more compact, but in the end, we were eliminated and that’s hard to accept,” Andrew Robertson said after the match.

“When you are in a big club like Liverpool, the fans, as well as everyone else, expect you to go far in all competitions, and we have not succeeded in that now,” Robertson added.

The defender of Liverpool is not looking for an alibi for the defeat, he just points out that he feels sorry for the fans who were once again at a recognizable level.

“I know that everything we say does not help the fans. I feel sorry for them, for the way we play. They were great today and we let them down. Again”, concluded the Liverpool left back.

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