RICH OWNERS GO TO ACTION: Newcastle knows how much it has to pay for a new coach!

FC Newcastle has become one of the main topics in the previous months, thanks to the arrival of the new boss. Everyone is wondering what the “magpies” will look like in the coming period, and now we can get some clues.

The English team has been playing for the Championship-Premier League for years. As things stand, such worries for black and white fans have come to an end.

Newcastle got a new owner who has the greatest ambition. When it comes to football players, big names were auctioned, and now it’s the story of the coach.

Antonio Conte was in the foreground, that story is currently on hold, and new information has emerged during that time.

Allegedly, the selector of Belgium is one of the highly demanded “goods” on the European football market.

As it is speculated, Roberto Martinez is one of the candidates to take over Barcelona, ​​but another team has appeared that wants to be on his bench.

The coach of Belgium is also the wish of the new owners of Newcastle, for which it will not be necessary to pay much if there is cooperation.

According to the “Daily Mail”, if the “magpies” want Robert Martinez, they should pay a symbolic 2 million


But above all, it is necessary for Newcastle to survive in the Premier League, so that all allegations make sense…

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