River Plate, "firecracker" in Santa Fe 5:1 (VIDEO)

River struggled in the current three rounds of the Argentine championship. The “millionaires” did not manage to score 270 and a fraction of a minute, but they paid for it the night before in Santa Fe, where they beat the home Union – 5: 1.
In the last match in the jersey of the giant from “Monumental“, and before leaving for City, Julian Alvarez was, for who knows how many times, the key with two assists and two goals.

The home team was started by Brian Romero in the 16th minute, followed by a real fireworks display.

Enzo Fernandes doubled the advantage of the guests in the 59th minute, and Alvarez in the 73rd removed the doubts about the winner.

Union scored a goal in the 79th minute through Bauer, but River spiced up the first victory in the championship through Palavesino and Alvarez.

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