Real: We call on the authorities to eradicate these unpleasant events from football

After the events in the Champions League final, Real Madrid defended its fans, because, as they say, they were victims during and after the final against Liverpool in Paris.
The Madrid club announced itself on its official website, where you asked for answers from the authorities for incidents in the capital of France.

“Something that was supposed to be a football festival for all fans turned into a series of unpleasant events, which caused deep indignation around the world. As can be seen in the photos and recordings published by the media, many fans were attacked, harassed and robbed, and some of them even spent the night in the hospital. Football conveyed the wrong answer to the world. “Our fans deserve an answer, and we call on the authorities to eradicate these unfortunate events from football, as well as from the entire sport,” Real said in a statement.

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