Raul's Coaching Ambitions: Rejecting Villarreal for Real Madrid

The legendary striker of Real Madrid, Raul, had a golden opportunity to step into the world of top-flight coaching by taking over at Villarreal.

This move would have marked his first venture as the head coach of a first-tier team. Spanish media reported that all the details were worked out, but in the end, Raul chose not to take the position. Instead, the role went to Manuel Pellegrini, who replaced the recently sacked Quique Setien.

Raul was presented with an enticing offer to join the ranks of top-flight European football managers. He was given the chance to lead a club in Europe that had no financial struggles. However, Raul ultimately declined the offer, and it appears that he has much larger ambitions and plans in mind.

Currently, Raul serves as the coach of Real Madrid’s youth team, known as Castilla. He seems to be well aware that Carlo Ancelotti, the head coach of the senior Real Madrid team, would be leaving his position at the end of the season. Raul’s ultimate goal is to take over as the head coach of the senior Real Madrid squad. His history with the club is legendary, having won virtually every conceivable trophy with them and amassing an impressive record of 323 goals scored and 114 assists in 741 appearances.

It’s worth noting that Raul may not be the top choice for the position of Ancelotti’s successor, according to reports from Spanish media. However, he seems to be banking on the possibility that the club will recognize and reward his dedication and contributions at the helm of Castilla. Additionally, he appears to be counting on the support of the Real Madrid fanbase in his bid to take the reins of the senior team.

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