Prestigious international friendly referee appointments

The closure of the June international window on Tuesday contains several international friendly matches, all before the high-profile event kicking off this Friday in Germany, the UEFA Euro 2024.

Later this evening a team of local match officials have been entrusted with officiating the international friendly match between San Marino and Cyprus.

All is happening at Serravalle, the match kicking off at 18:00h.

FIFA badge referee Ishmael Barbara is joined by Roberto Vella and James Muscat who are already located between the Italian regions of Emilia-Romagna and Le Marche getting ready for the 90 minutes ahead this evening.

Match official Michele Beltrano from the San Marino Federation will join them in his fourth official role.

Best of luck to Ishmael and his team of FIFA badge local match officials in this task ahead on the international stage.

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