Burnley relegated

Burnley have followed the footsteps of Sheffield United, becoming a ‘one-hit wonder’ in the Premier League, after their demotion from the pinnacle of English football.

The team under Vincent Kompany’s guidance suffered a 2-1 loss against Tottenham this past on Saturday, a defeat that ensured their position amongst the bottom three of the Premier League for this season.

Before their match against Tottenham on Saturday, Burnley’s situation was the most unstable, trailing behind other teams at risk of relegation such as Luton Town and Nottingham Forest. Their 4-1 loss at home to Newcastle the previous Saturday placed them five points away from safety, with a goal difference 17 less than that of Forest.

Kompany’s squad needed a victory in London and a Chelsea triumph at City Ground. However, the latter became insignificant after their defeat to Spurs.

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