PREMIER LEAGUE: It's time for big changes!

The leaders of the Premier League are considering the introduction of major changes to the championship.

Referee Association President Howard Webb has announced meetings to address the lack of “fair play.”

The number of minutes of “clean play” in the Premier League is in constant decline from season to season, and this one is at the lowest figures in history. In the matches of the strongest league in the world, only 56 percent of the total game time is played, which is unacceptable to the leaders of the competition!

According to Sky Sports, Howard Webb and VAR have identified this as the biggest problem in English football and will do everything possible to solve it. According to Sky Sports analysis, in as many as 23 Premiership games this season, the ball was out of play more than 50 percent of the time.

Sky reports that Webb is considering introducing a practice from the World Cup, which quite normally saw more than ten minutes of stoppage time due to all the interruptions in play. This resulted in the fact that in Qatar, the ball was in play for 58 minutes per game, which is more than in all five of the strongest European leagues.

During the next week, Premier League representatives will consider proposing the introduction of practice with time compensation, as seen at the World Cup in Qatar. 

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