Portugal defeated Uruguay 2:0!

A round before the end of the group stage, Portugal secured a place in the round of 16 of the World Cup in Qatar! Tonight, Portugal defeated Uruguay 2:0.

Thus, in the last round against South Korea, Fernando Santos’ team will be completely relieved, while Uruguay and Ghana will fight for the knockout stage.

During the first half, we couldn’t enjoy excessively good football, and the best chance in that period came from the Uruguayans in the 33rd minute.

Rodrigo Bentacur got in front of goalkeeper Costa, but he was unable to beat him.

It wasn’t very interesting on the field even at the beginning of the second half, except that the match was interrupted for a few minutes because of a fan who ran across the field carrying a rainbow flag.

After that break, both sides were much more offensive, and after an attempt by Felix, Portugal took the lead in the 54th minute.

Bruno Fernandes sent a cross, it seemed that Ronaldo caught the ball and deflected it into the goal, but the goal was still attributed to Bruno.
Only after the goal was scored did Uruguay go on the offensive.

Maxi Gomes first hit the post, then Luis Suarez was inaccurate, and then De Arascaeta.

The penalty came in the 93rd minute when Bruno Fernandes put an end to this match from the penalty spot!

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