POGBA'S AGENT: Because of their image, players are afraid to report, remain silent and experience incredibly stressful situations!

Media exposure, marketing activities, and increasing incomes of professional football players are often a “double-edged sword,” which many players are not even aware of at the start. Paul Pogba felt that on his own skin, and his representative, Rafaela Pimento, also spoke about it.

It is not an unusual problem for football players to experience situations of tension or blackmail. They are threatened because they are very exposed, “Pimenta began in an interview with the Italian Tutosport.”

I saw everything, especially blackmail. Players are afraid to report these things because of their image or shame. They are silent and experience incredible stress in incredible situations, “added Pimenta,” who took over the management of the agency from Mina Raiola, a well-known agent who died in April.

When Pogba decided to ask for help, he improved the situation and realized that there was a solution, said the lawyer.

The French and Juventus footballers reported an extortion attempt from March to July 2022, in the amount of 13 million euros, as well as an attempted kidnapping on the night of March 19-20. His older brother, Mathias Pogba, is accused in this case of extortion and participation in a criminal association for the preparation of a crime.

It is now in the hands of the lawyer. Paul did everything he had to do, said Pimenta.

She also spoke about Paul Pogba’s knee injury, which ended up being operated on at the beginning of September.

-He was convinced that with conservative therapy (rest and care, no surgery) he would recover faster. Fortunately, it’s over now. He will quickly return to the field for his Juventus, “said the representative of one of the world’s best football players.

Pogba, who returned to Juventus this summer after six years at Manchester United, has yet to play a single official match for the Italian club.

He could return to team training this week in the hope of being back on the pitch at the end of the month and able to compete for France’s World Cup squad.

The head coach of the French football team, Didier Deschamps, will announce the list of players for the World Cup in Qatar on November 9.

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