Gerard Pique, the legend of Barcelona and the Spanish national team, recently ended his playing career, but very soon he could end his retirement, according to local media.

Namely, Pique is the owner of the football club Andorra, which competes in the second division, Segunda, and is in tenth place in the table with 29 points.

The Spanish media are wondering if there is a possibility for Pike to return to the field due to certain financial restrictions.

By leaving Barcelona, Gerard lost about thirty million euros, the amount owed to him by the club, because he terminated the contract before it expired. His salary in Barcelona is a problem for Andorra,” reports the Spanish “Relevo”.

LaLiga’s finance committee needs to assess Pique’s income.

Is it realistic that a club from the second league with a limited budget can afford a salary for a player like this? Of course not, because Andorra’s budget is around seven million euros, and his salary would have to be higher. However, according to the existing rules, sponsors have the right to help the club, but with certain restrictions.” was written in ‘Relev’.


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