Pique: Messi and Guardiola are the greatest ever

Gerard Pique, former Barcelona player, emphasized that Lionel Messi and Pep Guardiola are the best player and coach in the history of football.

He had the opportunity to work with both in Barcelona.

Pique thinks it’s clear that Messi is the best.

“Many doubted Messi’s qualities because he hadn’t won the World Cup with the Argentine national team, but after achieving that two years ago in Qatar, I think it’s clear to everyone that he is the best. In Argentina, Diego Maradona is a deity, the whole nation loves him, and Messi was loved sporadically before Qatar, but after bringing them the title, he became the best for everyone. Even for me, who isn’t Argentine,” said Pique.

He also has only praise for Guardiola

“Genius. That’s the word that best describes him. He has been a coach to great football names, but he hasn’t allowed them to manage him; he always fit them into his philosophy, and that’s what a real coach should do. And all those players he worked with, who later made great careers, owe most of it to Guardiola. Pep proves day by day that he is the greatest ever,” emphasized Pique.

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