Piksi: The drop in concentration cost us

The selector of the Serbian national team, Dragan Piksi Stojkovic, believes that the drop in concentration at the beginning of the sequel cost his team the victory in Ljubljana.
Serbia played 2:2 against Slovenia in the 4th round of LN, and after leading at halftime with 2: 0.

“We played the first part of the game perfectly. I did not see any flaws or mistakes. Complete domination, a style of play that Serbia strives to play. That is what we must continue. It happened in the continuation, a drop in concentration of five minutes and it cost us “, said Piksi and referred to the rough game of the national team.

“This is a competitive match, it is not in the domain of friendship. They care about proving that they are not so bad. Certainly, the first goal, and then the second, presented a shock for us and enthusiasm for them. They ran and burned. I have nothing to blame the players for enduring four games in 11 days. I think the 2: 2 result may be realistic, but we could have won. There are two games left, six points. We have to win in both, “Stojkovic said.

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