Michael Owen about the falling standards in the Premier League

Former Ballon d’Or winner Michael Owen talked about the quality in the Premier League and its falling standards.

In the interview for ‘Up Front with Simon Jordan‘, the former Liverpool, Manchester United and Newcastle football player reveals what it takes to have a good career in the league nowadays.

Owen believes that the defining factors these days are speed and strength, over skills. Talking with Simon Jordan, he claimed that, compared to his time and the current generation, footballers are not on a similar level.

” If you can run a bit further than everyone else and basically pass it from A to B…There were loads of great players who were absolute ballers. You don’t even have to be that good anyone” was what he had to say about today’s players.

According to Owen, players nowadays are athletes first before footballers in the modern game. He believes that if he is the player in this generation, he would ‘smash them‘. Do you believe so?

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