Neymar revealed where he will play next season

It has been rumored for a long time that Neymar will leave Paris Saint-Germain this summer. Apparently, Chelsea is the closest to signing the Brazilian, who decided to talk about many topics.

First, about the one that shook Paris – where will Neymar play next season?

“I hope to play for PSG next season. I have a contract, and so far no one has told me anything about leaving. I am calmly waiting for the start of the season. I’ll be there, even though there hasn’t been much love between me and the fans lately. But I will be there even without that love”.

He also admits that PSG had one of the strongest trios in the history of football with Messi and Mbappe that failed to win the Champions League.

“Even the “Galacticos” of Real Madrid did not succeed. We had a very strong team. Messi, Mbappe and me, three players who are the best in the world. We knew everything, but unfortunately we couldn’t fit in. It was not good for all of us”.

Neymar revealed that he knew long before the official decision that Lionel Messi would continue his career at Inter Miami.

“Messi won everything he could. His family suffered a lot during the two years in Paris. I understand him, he went to a place where he will be treated much better and where he will be welcomed much better. Now he will live a completely different life. His family will feel much better in Miami.”

Last season, Neymar suffered an unpleasant injury in the match against Serbia at the World Cup in Qatar.

“It was one of the worst weeks of my life. In addition to being injured, no one knew that I was also very sick. Really strong! I received therapies lying in bed, sleeping all day. I occasionally kicked my only foot out of bed, so that the physiotherapist could carry out the therapy. It was really bizarre”.

After returning from the World Cup, already in February, Neymar suffered a wrist injury from which he is still recovering…

“It is an annoying injury, very unpleasant. The recovery process is painful and very difficult. But I can’t wait to be on the field again. Of course, everyone’s only thinking about winning, however, the most important thing for me right now is to play again, just to be on the field.”

And finally, a painful discovery. The 31-year-old Brazilian was on the verge of saying goodbye to playing for the national team after Qatar.

“After the World Cup, I didn’t want to play for Brazil anymore. Not because of injuries or because of defeat, but because I wanted to spare the family trouble. They suffer a lot because of me, all this costs a lot. I thought about everything and decided to stay anyway, because I really want to win the world title”, Neymar concluded.

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