CALL FOR HELP: Former Newcastle football player is fighting for his life!

Former Newcastle footballer Kieron Dyer has fallen into difficult life and health problems and is currently fighting for his life in his native England!

Namely, the football player has a liver cancer.

– If my liver is not transplanted, then I will not be able to do anything. Sometimes the angry ones are waiting for the transplant while they have a few weeks of life left, and I feel more and more tired, and I may have to wait a few more months – said Dyer.

The former English national team player hopes that he will soon be able to get a new liver and thus save his life.

– I am happy that they found out what it is about. I know that I depend on someone else’s accident to prolong my life – Dyer emphasized.

During his playing career, Dyer wore the jerseys of Ipswich, West Ham, KPR, Middlesbrough, but also Newcastle. He played for the England national team for eight years, from 1999 to 2007.

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