NEW CHANCE FOR JOVIĆ: Benzema is going to the bench, the Serb is FINALLY in the starting lineup !?

Luka Jović is not in the Carlo Ancelottis first plan, but unexpectedly he could get a great opportunity.

Carlo Ancelotti informed Luka Jovic that Real Madrid will never play in his favorite formation with two strikers again, but here is a new opportunity.

Not for such a formation, but for Luka Jovic. Spanish media write that the Serb could find himself in the starting lineup, against the match with Osasuna, which the Madridians are playing at home.

It is written that Luka recovered from the ankle injury, that he trained hard, and that Karim Benzema will be sent on vacation, that is, on the bench, and that the Serb will be in the rush hour.

The “Royal Club” is too dependent on Benzema, one of the candidates for the “Golden Ball”, but we will admit that Luka was not in good enough shape to change it.

Of the possible 1,080 minutes in the previous 12 matches, he did not play only 670 seconds, so a logical solution is imposed. Jovic will start as nine, and Vinicius and Rodrigo will most likely play with him. It remains to be seen whether Luka will use that chance.

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