NAGELSMANN OFFICIAL GERMANY COACH: "I have a great desire to take up this challenge"

As of today, the German national football team has a new coach. The new head of the professional staff of the “panzers” will be the current coach of Bayern, Julian Nagelsmann, who signed a contract until the end of next year.

After the dismissal of Hensi Flick, the German Football Association reacted quickly and promoted a new coach today.

The current coach of Bayern, who was dismissed from that position at the end of last season, found a new job after a few months.

The next European Championship will be held in Germany at the beginning of next year, and the new coach, who signed the contract until July 31, 2024, subordinates everything to that.

“We have the European Championship in our country. It’s something special – something that happens every few decades. I attribute everything to the fact that I have a big tournament in a big country. I have a great desire to take up this challenge. We will be a compactly connected group next year,” Nagelsmann said after signing the contract.

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