MILJEVIC KICKED OUT OF MLS LEAGUE: Played under a fake name for another club

The North American soccer league MLS announced that it has terminated the contract with Montreal midfielder Matko Miljevic due to conduct detrimental to the league.

MLS added in a press release that the decision was made after an investigation into a violation of the playing contract.

Canadian media reported that the 22-year-old Miami-born player played for an amateur club in the Quebec league under a false name.

On that occasion, Matko was sent off for punching an opponent in the face. Playing in any league other than MLS is considered a breach of contract.

Montreal coach Ernar Losada confirmed that he is aware of the allegations against the player.

Miljević made his debut for Montreal in 2021 and for the Canadian team he played 35 league games and scored two goals.

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