Milan coach Stefano Pioli emphasized that his club can defend the title in Serie A, according to Italian media.

Last season, the “Rossoneri” reached the Serie A trophy after 11 years, and the team’s strategist is convinced that they can do the same thing this season.

“We won the title unexpectedly early, because the club decided to invest in young footballers, so we believed that success would come later. That’s why 2022 was so special,” said Pioli.

Milan is currently in second place in the table with eight points less than the first-placed Napoli.

“We have to believe that we can defend the trophy.” If Napoli continues at this rate, they will have over 100 points and all we have to do is congratulate them. But, on the other hand, we have to think how to win as many points as possible. Last season, 86 were needed for the title, this year maybe more. There are still 69 in the game, so we really have a chance,” concluded the coach of Milan.

Milan football players will host the Salernitana team in the 16th round of Serie A, and the match is scheduled for January 4.


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