Kylian Mbappe is edging closer to leaving Paris Saint-Germain after announcing he does not want to renew his contract, with the club urging him to leave now in order to cash in on his sale.

Everything suggested that Mbappe would be the new reinforcement of Real Madrid, but everything persistently revolved around the price at which they would buy him, which was the only reason why the contract was not signed.

And while Real Madrid was thinking, other clubs made their offers. Recently, Saudi Arabia became interested in the French footballer and offered him the highest ever annual salary that a footballer had – 300 million euros, which Mbappe politely refused.

With all the complications, Liverpool decided to get involved. As reported by the media, they are already negotiating with Paris Saint-Germain, although it is speculated that the club wants at least 200 million euros, which any other European club will agree to since Mbappe is a free agent from next year.

Today’s gesture by Kilian made Liverpool fans think even more that the Frenchman could arrive at their club. Trent Aleksander Arnold celebrated this pre-season a bit in the style of “Kilian” and added on social networks the description “all that Mbappe can do..”

This post of his received a lot of likes, and among them was the one of Kiljane Mbappe, which some interpreted as a direct sign that an agreement could be reached.

The final decision on the future of the young Frenchman in Liverpool is expected during the next week.


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