Valletta FC President Alex Fenech speaks out for the first time on relegation debacle

Valletta FC President Alex Fenech did not mince his words when speaking out for the first time on the relegation debacle. In an exclusive interview on the Valletta FC supporters FB page, Fenech outlined several of the plans he had for the club in the future.

Fenech revealed that he had a meeting with former MP Claudio Grech on the creation of a group of possible investors among supporters and enthusiasts who could finance the club. He also welcomed the intervention of former President Victor Sciriha who revealed he wished to assist the club in the future.

The Valletta President said that he was currently in discussion with a large company for a possible takeover of the club with a multimillion Euro investment to put Valletta at the top where they belong.

Fenech also recalled his time with Valletta over the last 14 years and said that one of his finest moments was the return of Jonathan Caruana after an unjustified doping case. He also revealed that he left it to the technical staff on the choice of foreign players which perhaps did not work out.

Fenech also revealed that the committee members had forked out EUR 20,000 each around two years ago that helped considerably. He also mentioned the club’s lawyer Jean Farrugia and James Mckay for assisting financially with the latter on a day to day basis.

He revealed that Valletta FC costs are around EUR 20,000 per week which would mean over 1 million a year. Fenech also said that he wanted to get involved in the Valletta style of play but always left it to the coaches and techical staff.

Fenech mentioned the Vaughan episode which came to nothing and said that all Valletta debts that were owed to him would be cleared. He said that the company is there and ready to function when a large investor takes over.

The President also mentioned the club’s three projects, the clubhouse, the parking under the Salinos Ground and the football ground. He said that Sport Malta were working to purchase a small parcel of land that was not government owned and to eventually hand the land over to Valletta FC.

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