Maguire is leaving Manchester United?

Harry Maguire, captain of Manchester United, could leave “Old Trafford” during the transfer window, and now evidence has surfaced that he is in negotiations in Birmingham.

The experienced English footballer was often the target of criticism.

Since his arrival from Leicester to “Old Trafford”, the most expensive stopper of all time cannot boast of good games. If he made a mistake, he would immediately find himself the target of fans and critics.

With the arrival of Martinez and Varane, Maguire lost his place in the starting line-up and is getting fewer and fewer minutes and the opportunity to play at all.

For this reason, it should come as no surprise that he was caught with his manager at Bodymoor Heath, a restaurant located close to Aston Villa’s stadium, along with his manager.

This has fueled talk of a departure, and apparently, the next destination is Birmingham.

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