Lewandowski could leave Bayern for 24 million euros

Polish striker Robert Lewandowski has another one-year contract with Bayern, but the German champion does not want to let him go just like that.
Namely, Lewandowski decides where he will continue his career after leaving Bayern, and the Catalan club is reportedly ready to pay 30 million euros in compensation.

However, although the leading people from the Munich club are not willing to let the best scorer in the league, there is a way for Barcelona to get Lewandowski for less money.

It’s a “Webster’s rule.”

The rule, adopted by FIFA in 2006, was passed when Andy Webster moved from the Hearts to Wigan.

The mentioned football player did not want to finish the contract, and the club did not want to let him go.

FIFA has made a decision and this rule has been introduced as the 17th member of the FIFA transfer rules and status, that a player if he is older than 28 and has worked for at least three years, can buy the rest of the contract, in the amount of gross annual salary the remaining years of the contract.

So, the Pole has the right to invoke this rule, and since he has one year left on his contract, in order to become a free agent, he would have to pay 24 million euros, which is his gross salary.

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