LAMPARD AFTER FIRST WIN: Tough streak, plenty of work to do

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard won his first victory in his second tenure at Chelsea, after today’s match against Bournemouth, which the Blues won 3:1 in the 35th round of the Premier League.

Chelsea thus ended a series of six consecutive defeats, and this was the first victory in the second term of the former captain on the bench of the London club.

“I am happy. We came back from a difficult situation. Tough run, tough year and a lot of work to do. This is just the first step. But the game itself was very good. We deserved to win. This is a nice step forward for the boys,” said Lampard.

Lampard made several changes in the team, and he especially highlighted NGolo Kante’s game.

“Many consider him a defensive midfielder because he performs defensive tasks fantastically. But it works great and many things ahead. He brings the ball into the penalty area very well, he’s just great at those things. It also worked well against Real,” said the former captain of Plavac.

In the next round, Chelsea will host Nottingham Forest at Stamford Bridge.

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