KLOPP AFTER THE REPLACEMENT OF PARKER: It is very important what kind of club owners you have

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp pointed out that he was very surprised when he heard about the dismissal of Scott Parker, a colleague from Bournemouth.

The owners of the newcomers in the Premier League handed the dismissal to coach Parker after the debacle against Liverpool (9:0), which is one of the record defeats in the history of this competition.

Also, he experienced defeat in the previous two rounds against Manchester City (0:4) and Arsenal (0:3).

Honestly, I was very surprised when I heard that. Parker is a great manager, but look at who he played against in the first four rounds: City, Arsenal, and Liverpool. When I heard this news, I thought that is the moment when you realize how important the kind of club owners you have are. There are different systems in the Premier League. You have other clubs with other structures like us and maybe Arsenal or whoever. Then there are clubs like Bournemouth, said Klopp.

The Liverpool coach believes that Parker did not get an adequate chance, given that he had tough rivals at the start of the Premier League.

You saw three new Premier League players: Fulham, Nottingham Forest, and Bournemouth. Nottingham are spending, Fulham are doing things, but I can’t remember Bournemouth doing much. “It’s obviously difficult if you get to the Premier League and at the start you play with City, Arsenal, and Liverpool,” said Klopp.

Bournemouth have not yet announced who will be their new manager, and on Wednesday they welcome Wolverhampton in the fifth round of the Premier League.

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